Sunday Summary – 25th August 2019

It’s the end of another eventful week, so that means it’s time for my usual Sunday Summary post!

In order to get some more reading done, I decided to stick to a three-post week. On Wednesday I shared my review of Seventh Decimate by Stephen Donaldson. I picked up this first book of the series after receiving a copy of The War Within from Gollancz for review. On Friday I shared the next Shelf Control post. In this fortnight’s post, I featured a Stephen King novel. As a crossover into the fantasy genre, it could well have been the book that introduced me to his writing if another hadn’t beaten it to it.


Books Read


With the end of the month looming I have been really trying to get as much reading done as possible. I think my proudest achievement of the week was finishing Thran Book 1: The Birth by Brian McLaughlin. I’ve been reading this book concurrently with others over the course of the month and I am pleased to say I finished this epic.

Next on the list is The Fourth Victim by John Meads. I am taking part in the upcoming blog tour next month so I have made as much progress as I can in the past couple of days since finishing Thran. I had a very long session at the hairdressers yesterday and I managed to make a very good start on the book. I’m at 23% at the moment and it’s my priority read over the next few days! Fortunately, it’s a bank holiday tomorrow, so I am crossing my fingers that I’ll make a lot of progress then.

In addition to my scheduled books, I’ve also been reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. This is a loan from the library so I can’t set it aside for too long. I have around nine/ten days left and I am over halfway through the book, so I have some leeway. I’ll be setting it aside for a day or two to focus on The Fourth Victim, and then I’ll be back to business as usual.

Last but certainly not least, I have been listening to more of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. There have been a couple of nights driving home when it’s been more important to listen to the radio for traffic updates. We have another local motorcycling event on at the moment which closes the roads I drive home on.


Books Discovered

Absolutely nothing to report here this week, I’ve been good! Well, on the book-buying front anyway


Coming Up…

Next week’s blog material starts… tomorrow! I’ve already scheduled a book review for my blog tour post on Duality by K. J. McGillick, so look out for that!

A little later in the week, I am going to be gracing your screens (hopefully you’ll read it – pretty please?) with another book review from my backlog. This week, I’m going to be reviewing the last Terry Pratchett book I have read in the Discworld series, Maskerade.

On Friday it’s the turn of a First Lines Friday post, so I hope you can join me and see if you can guess this week’s feature.


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So, that’s all from today’s Sunday Summary post! What are you reading?




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