Proofreading Services

In addition to being an avid reader, I’ll admit I have an eye for detail.

I am currently working towards obtaining a certificate of competency in proofreading (and copy-editing, eventually). To that end, I am looking to build up my experience.

Whilst the ultimate goal is to go freelance, I am a little way off that yet! In order to obtain such experience, I am offering my proofreading skills for free; all I request in return is some feedback that I can publish here on my blog! You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Some examples of documents are: –

  • Blog posts
  • Websites
  • Articles
  • Brochures
  • Advertisements
  • Essays
  • Dissertations
  • School Projects
  • Novels
  • Short stories


The list is not exhaustive, but an indicator of the various mediums I am happy to work with. If you have anything you would like proofreading, please send an email to with the details and we can discuss any requirements in detail.