30 Before 30!

Inspired by a bookish vlogger I follow, today’s post is about setting down thirty books I would like to prioritise reading before I’m 30. She has been challenging herself in a similar way for a few years, and has just turned 30.

Like her, I don’t expect I will get through this full list by my 30th birthday. However, it is an expression of intent that I would like to try and prioritise these books and read as many as possible before then!

I feature a number of genres in this post. There are a number of classics on this list, as you would probably expect. Not only that, but there are also books from favourite authors, some from lesser read genres, or books that have been on my list a long time. For these reasons, I would like to make the effort to pick up. I’m not including any big series or ongoing reads in this list. These are all new books I would like to pick up in the next couple of years.

I’ll keep checking in with myself periodically to make sure I’m keeping to this aim and myself accountable if I’m not. In those posts, I’ll discuss the books from the list that I have read since my last review.

Well, I suppose you are now wondering which books have made it onto my 30 Before 30 list? Let’s check them out!


30 Before 30







Science/Science Fiction






Historical Fiction


My first check-in post will be in six months time! I hope I’ll be able to tick off a few before the end of the year! Which books should I prioritise on this list? Have you read any of the books on my list?



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