Blog Tour Review: Arbitrage by Colette Kebell

Today I am posting the first of many blog tour reviews due to feature in April. As always, the tour has been organised by the wonderful Rachel @ Rachel’s Randon Resources. She does such a fantastic job – I have worked with her to host countless tours. She works so hard, so I just wanted to show a little appreciation here!

For today’s post, I have kindly been provided with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Here are the details…



Ryan Logan thinks he has it all… A young attorney specialising in finance and tax law, Logan has earned an impressive reputation and commands a hefty fee for his services. But when he advises his corporate employers against a merger with a shady financial institution, he soon finds himself caught up in a web of betrayal and deceit. Framed for the murder of his wealthy boss, Logan is forced to accept a plea deal, to keep his own dark secrets from coming to light…

Arbitrage is a fast-paced, stand-alone financial thriller. If you like edge-of-your-seat suspense, sweet revenge, and twists and turns you won’t see coming, you’ll love this eye-opening look into the world of financial crime.

Can a burned out lawyer outwit an army of con artists and killers?

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My Thoughts…

I really wanted to take part in this blog tour because the financial element of the storyline appealed to me. It’s an industry I work in – stock markets and investments particularly. Quite a bit different from my reading and blogging side of life, right? That works for me, I’m all about balance.

What I didn’t expect was that the book could teach me about aspects of the stock market and investing money that I didn’t know much about. Sure, I know in principle how it works and I trade on it, but I didn’t really know the inner workings. I don’t think you really have to know anything about the stock market to grasp the idea of arbitrage though. Colette Kebell manages to explain how it works in layman’s terms.

I actually typed that out as Lehman’s terms before I realised the error. How about I leave the finance puns out of this…?

The thing I loved the most about the novel was the constant uncertainty of the characters motives and allegiances. In the fickle world of criminality, everyone is ultimately looking out for themselves. Who they side with along the way can change at any moment and I was constantly trying to make second guesses about what was going to happen next.

Arbitrage is a fast-paced, make millions fast, edge of your seat crime fiction novel. With plenty of bumps on the road (and run-ins with the Russian mafia) to making the big bucks, there is plenty of excitement for all crime readers out there!


Author Bio –

Colette Kebell is an eclectic author, though a relatively new one and thus far has self-published her books. Her books are light-hearted, fun and quirky and even considered by some to be inspirational.  She publishes mostly for the English speaking market and the Italian one.  Colette Kebell does not stick to just one genre when writing though, as you shall discover from her latest book to be launched on 5th April 2019

As a career, Colette spent her later years as a legal secretary. After a first attempt at writing many years ago (a book that still remains in her drawer) she resumed this passion a few years back, after being made redundant.  After few book signing events and a book talk, which almost caused her to collapse with nerves, Colette now spends her time between her home in the UK and her home in France.

Colette has two adorable dogs and, when not writing and marketing her books, she likes cooking for herself and her husband, gardening or designing various items for their home.  Amongst her other hobbies, she has also experimented with furniture upholstery, and she might, from time to time, have a paintbrush in her hand.

She can be found on twitter @ColetteKebell though doesn’t tweet a vast amount.

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