Reading List – May 2020

Hey everyone! It’s a bright, sunny May day and today we are going to talk about my reading list for May… of the lack of one.

It’s rare that I don’t set a TBR. I think in the history of my blog (since I started doing it seriously in the second half of 2017), I have deliberately not set a TBR once. On that occasion, it was to give me a chance to mood read for a change and a bit more freedom in my reading choice. This month though, I can’t commit to reading all that much.

If you’re my friend, a family member or a regular reader of my blog, you will know that there’s a pretty big change coming up in my life. Provided all goes to plan and there are no last-minute hiccups, I’m going to be moving later this week. Of course, it’s all up-in-the-air thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Not only that but because of it it’s very likely I am going to be dealing with most of it on my own. My mum and dad will be helping where they can by dropping food off to me, but if the rules don’t relax then they can’t help me get sorted anywhere near as much as they want to!

Naturally, I have been planning for this and juggling my blogging/reading for weeks. I’ve been doing bits here and there so it’s been manageable, but now I’ve had to step it up and my reading has almost stopped completely. I’m now behind schedule for my Goodreads challenge, but I’m not worrying about it too much. I have plenty of time to make it up. In the grand scheme of things, even if I don’t read much over the next couple of weeks I’m still in a good position to catch up at a better time. I won’t get that far behind. It’s not worth putting any pressure on myself over it!

I’ve been living in boxes waiting for this to happen for months, so once I’m the other side I am getting sorted as soon as possible! I’m planning for the whole thing to take me about a week, which is going to take us until mid-month before I’m anywhere near being in a position to read a little more and enjoy some downtime. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hoping to be able to pick up a book to wind down in the evenings. I just don’t know how much reading I’ll get in. I’m not the most physically fit person in the world (largest understatement of the year!) so let’s be honest – I’m going to be knackered! I might just want to sleep instead.

I’m posting this to say that you shouldn’t be surprised if things are a little quiet from me in the immediate future. I’m going to read what I can, share blog posts when and where I have the capacity to write or schedule them and keep you up to date with everything that’s going on.

Fingers crossed I can get a wriggle on and be back to my usual routine soon.




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