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Sunday Summary – 14th July 2024

It’s been a couple of weeks since I checked in with you for a Sunday Summary update, as I was on holiday last weekend. I hope you haven’t missed me too much! In reality, I only took a week or so I was break from blogging and I was back to the usual schedule this week. Let’s recap what I’ve shared since my last Sunday Summary update.

Before my holiday last week, I shared my Monthly Wrap-Up post recapping progress made in June. I read more than I thought I did last month, so I’m not disappointed with progress. I hadn’t taken into account progressing with carryovers from May. So in the end, I did reasonably well.

My first post of the week this week was my Mid Year Check In post. In this post, I took a look at the resolutions and reading goals I set myself in January and updated you on my progress. I have some action steps to take to try and meet some of my goals before the end of the year. I don’t expect to complete my Goodreads Challenge this year, but I will try to get as close as I can!

Next, I shared my Monthly TBR for July on Friday. That reading list includes the books I’m carrying over from June, with just a couple of new ones to give myself a chance to catch up. If you’re interested to see what I’m going to be reading in the next few weeks, that is the post to take a look at.


Books Read



In my Sunday Summary post a fortnight ago, I shared that I had started Obsidio and that I was only around 50 pages in. I took this book with me when we went to Liverpool mainly so I had something to read on the boat. I didn’t expect to read too much whilst I was away so there was no pressure from my side to do so.

I’ve continued with this book this week as it’s a nice and easy one to pick up. At work, quarter end is quite a big deal and it’s one of my busiest periods. Being able to pick up an easy read with multiple media formats has kept my brain interested. It’s also a lot more approachable to pick up and read in short bursts, as that’s the time I’ve had available.

As of this post, I have read a further 350 pages since my last update. I’m now down to just 200 until the books conclusion. I’ll be pushing on with this in the next couple of days and I’m looking forward to the end of the series (mostly!). I will be sad when it’s done though!


You Coach You

In this Sunday Summary update I get to share completion of my audiobook listen of You Coach You by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis.

I really enjoyed this audiobook, so much so that I followed through with my promise to get a physical copy. It’s definitely a resource I’m going to go back to again and again, and I might even keep it at work handy.

If you’re interested in self development and career progression, I cannot recommend this book enough! Not only that, but Helen and Sarah also publish lots of free material via their podcast and worksheets. There’s no financial commitment to benefit from their insight! If you want to try them material before investing in a book like this, I would definitely point you to their podcast, The Squiggly Career.


Books Discovered

I am here to confess my sins, and this section could potentially be quite a long one. When shopping in Liverpool last week I had the pleasure of a Waterstones store 3X bigger than at home, and only a stones throw away from our hotel room. You can guess what’s coming right? A book haul!

I bought no less than 11 books in that store alone, as well as one in The Works, and one in Tesco for my mum. Then, I grabbed myself a couple off Amazon and finally I picked up one in Tesco for me when I was back home!

I’m not going to beat myself up too much because I saved for that shopping trip and I might as well buy something I love! I may have to lay off buying books for a while a year though…

I picked up anything and everything… from Fantasy to non-fiction, with a good deal of historical (fiction and not) thrown in. It’s fair to say I picked up a variety.


Coming Up…

With being back home and the majority of my work commitments now covered, I will be back to my usual level of commitment when it comes to both blogging and reading next week.

My first post of the week will be a discussion post. With the subject of how many books I’ve acquired recently on my mind, I ask the question, how many is too many?

On Friday, I’ll be back with a regular Friday feature. This week, that’s a Shelf Control post. In that post, I’ll feature an upcoming read on my TBR, why I added it to my list and why I’m looking forward to reading it.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ll be back with another Sunday Summary update at the end of the week. Fingers crossed, I’ll have fewer no new books added to the list… 

Have you bought any new books recently?



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Sunday Summary – 30th June 2024

Good evening friends and welcome to this Sunday Summary catch up! It’s the end of another week and honestly, they are absolutely flying by. We’re at the end of June already! Next week is going to be hectic with work as it’s quarter end, but I do have a little holiday to look forward to.

With that said, check out the coming up section in today’s Sunday Summary below as I’ll let you know about changes to my blogging schedule there. For now though, let’s get into what I shared this week:-

My first post of the week was a book review for Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez. I really enjoyed this non-fiction book (with an obvious feminism slant) and it was a real eye-opener in terms of the variety of ways in which women are disadvantaged in today’s society. If you’re interested in this kind of book, above is a link to my review so you can take a look for yourself.

On Friday I shared the next instalment in my First Lines Friday series with the opening lines to the last instalment of a young adult sci-fi series I am currently reading. The author is also one of my favourites of all time. If you’re a regular reader, you may be able to guess who this is. If not, go check out that post here!


Books Read

Master of Sorrows

I confess that I haven’t read much this week. Reading has been pretty much limited to my lunch hours, and even then I ran errands on a couple of those days.

Progress in Master of Sorrows this week amounts to only 70 odd pages. However, in the 70 pages also I have read I feel like the story has progressed quite a bit and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in Annev’s final test.

I would have read more of this book this week, but for the fact that I accidentally left it at work twice. I couldn’t pick it up in the evening like I intended twice! Instead, I ended up picking up a second book to read at home…


Obsidio was on my June TBR anyway, so I picked this up on both occasions when I left Master of Sorrows at work.

As such, I’ve read just shy of the first 50 pages of this last instalment in The Illuminae files series. I’m also enjoying this one already. We have some new faces to the story and I hope all the characters we’ve met to date come together for an epic conclusion.

I have the advantage of Obsidio and Master of Sorrows being very different from each other. Where Master of Sorrows is a traditionally written adult fantasy novel, Obsidio is a young adult science-fiction written in mixed media format. Both have been very easy to keep track of in tandem. My intention is to prioritise Master of Sorrows as that was always my original read. However, if I do fancy a change there will be no problem whatsoever in picking up Obsidio in between.

You Coach You

Progress in You Coach You amounts to another hour’s listening time this week.

It’s not a lot of progress, but at least I did pick it up a bit. In some senses, I feel like this book isn’t the type you want to rush through anyway. If you really want to make the most of the content, you have to take the time to go through it and reflect on each chapter rather than just jumping into the next one.

Once I’ve listened to this book, I plan to download the extra content that comes with it and have a go at the exercises in areas I think I would benefit from. I may even end up purchasing myself a copy of this book so I can refer back to it again. It’s that kind of resource book you want to keep hold of!

Books Discovered

I was little naughty and bought myself one book this week, which isn’t too bad. However, I was also gifted three in a series. At the same time, this was already on my reading list so it saves me purchasing a copy later. I’ll justify it anyhow 😁

The book I bought was The Tw*t Files by Dawn French. I bought it on a whim on the basis that it sounded hilarious, but it will also be a good read in terms of building self-confidence. It seems we all muck up from time to time. If someone famous can do it, then so can I!

The series I was gifted is Thomas Harris‘s Hannibal Lector trilogy. I already had Red Dragon on my reading list to pick up at some point in the future. Naturally, enjoying this book would go onto purchasing the rest of the series. My work friend Brita previously owned these books. Rather than taking them to a charity shop, she offered them to me first in case I was interested.. .and I was!

Coming Up…

Next week, due to work commitments and then a long weekend away, I only plan to share one post with you. As it’s the beginning of July, I will conclude June by sharing my monthly wrap-up post. After that, it feels like a good place to stop and enjoy my short break. I honestly don’t know how well I would be able to juggle blogging on the holiday in any case.

Instead, I will be back with you a week later with my monthly TBR for July, a half yearly review of progress in 2024 so far, and finally a Sunday Summary. That will all be in the week commencing the 8th of July. After that, we should be back to usual scheduling!

That’s all from me though in this Sunday Summary post. Thanks for reading! 

What books are you reading/listening to?



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Sunday Summary – 23rd June 2024

It’s the end of yet another week, so I’m back with my next Sunday Summary update to tell you what I’ve been up to this week.

At the beginning of the week I shared a Top Ten Tuesday post. The subject of that post was my Summer 2024 TBR. I quite enjoyed writing these themed posts in 2023, and so I’ve decided to bring them back in 2024! If you want to find out what I plan to read over the next few months, that’s the post to take a sneaky look at…

On Friday, I posted another Shelf Control regular feature. In this week’s post, I featured a Stephen King novel that I’m looking forward to picking up. I want to make my way through his books anyway, but the synopsis of this one particularly caught my eye.

Books Read

Master of Sorrows

In last week’s Sunday Summary update, I shared that I had just started Master of Sorrows by Justin Call. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad I’ve finally picked up this book!

As of today’s Sunday Summary, I am 136 pages, or 30%, into the story so far. What I have read so far has made for an interesting introduction and I’m curious to see where events in the book are going to take us.

You Coach You

Audiobook progress has also been a little slower this week, but also an enjoyable pace. I’ve listened to just over another hour of You Coach You by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis. I’ve just finished chapter 3 and ready to move onto the self-belief chapter.

I like the format that this book is taking so far. The book is well structured and gives plenty of examples and opportunities for readers to coach themselves, and teach themselves how to coach themselves going forward in different circumstances.

I’m looking forward to listening to more of this book in the coming weeks.

Books Discovered

After last week’s deluge of books, I am on a strict buying ban. I haven’t added anything new to my reading list without purchasing them either, so it’s a quiet week!

Coming Up…

My first post of next week is going to be a book review of Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez. I already had some idea of the content covered in this book when I picked it up. But, reading this really made me appreciate how much the world isn’t really designed for women. We’ll go into some of that, and more besides in my review in the next few days.

Later this week, I’ll be back with another regular Friday feature. This time, it’ll be the turn of First Lines Friday. Once again, I’m going to keep the post unthemed and not set myself any kind of challenge towards this week’s selection. I hope you enjoy it when that post goes live!

Hardly surprising I know, but my last post of the week will be my Sunday Summary weekly update.

That’s all from me in this week’s instalment though! What are you reading right now?



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Sunday Summary – 16th June 2024

Good evening friends! In today’s Sunday Summary post I have the usual catch ups to share with you – books read, a small haul I’ve acquired this week, and lastly, what’s coming up next week.

Before that though, firstly I will say happy Father’s Day both to any dads out there, but especially my own. He really is the best! Yes I’m biased, but I pay for this little corner on the Internet so I’m allowed to be…

Now, onto my usual updates. My first post of this week was my review of Ordinary Heroes by Joseph Pfeifer. I initially intended this review to go out a little earlier than it did. However, to get in a place I was happy with it, I postponed posting until Thursday once the tweaks had been made.

Last week’s missed First Lines Friday became this week’s content instead. In Friday’s feature, I share he opening lines of a post-apocalyptic fantasy I’m looking forward to reading. I’ve recently read other works by the author, and this complete change of genre has piqued my interest.

Books Read

Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes

When I spoke to you in last week’s Sunday Summary update, I shared that I was 75% through Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes. I also expressed my intention to push on with this audiobook over the course of this week as I was close to finishing it.

The good news friends is that I did indeed finish this audiobook. In fact, I finished it on Saturday morning and honestly, I’m glad I was at home for the final chapters. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get teary on several occasions. That’s not unexpected given the circumstances and my family history Alzheimer’s.

I really enjoyed this audiobook and I would recommend it to any Pratchett fan to get some insight on the man behind the Discworld novels.

Lunatics, Imbeciles and Idiots: A History of Insanity in Nineteenth Century Britain and Ireland

Lunatics, Imbeciles and Idiots

I didn’t pick up or read any books for the first few days this week. I confess that is because whenever I thought about this current read, I decided to do something else instead.

It became clear by the middle of the week that I didn’t have much in the way of motivation to pick up this book. If you remember my previous Sunday Summary post, you’ll recall that I found the style of the book a little dry.

Given that I have less time to read now than I did at beginning of the year, I decided that there was no point in struggling on with this book. I don’t want to kill whatever reading motivation I have. So, Lunatics, Imbeciles and Idiots is a DNF at about 25%.

Master of Sorrows

This Sunday Summary post commemorates a milestone. I have been attempting to read Master of Sorrows since February, no less. As of this summary post, I have officially started the book!

Admittedly, I’m only so far as completely the prologue and partway through reading chapter 1. However, it is the start that I have been unable to make with the last four months. Naturally, I’ll be able to give you more of an update next week.

You Coach You

Last, but not least, I started my listen of You Coach You  by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis. I knew I wanted to listen to this on audio as non-fiction works really well for me in this format.

Not only that, but I enjoy listening to a podcast that Helen and Sarah put together, Squiggly Careers. It’s because of that podcast that I’m picking up this book at all. I already know I really get on with their content in audio format, so it made sense to me to pick up this book in audio too.

As of this Sunday Summary update, I am an hour and a quarter into the audio and looking forward to getting stuck in properly.

It’s fair to say that audiobook progress has been significantly better this week than physical. I’ve listened to over four hours this week, which has to be up there near the records.

Books Discovered

This week I have been bad. And I mean BAD!

I’ve picked up no less than nine physical books this week. In my defence, I purchased six of them for less than £3 each, meaning that I haven’t forked out a huge amount of money.

Both myself and my mum want to pick up books by Steve Cavanagh, and on Monday I found five I didn’t already own. As well as those five, I also picked up Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig for the same price.

On Saturday, my boyfriend made the mistake of encouraging me to go into Waterstones. In my defence, I was only going to look in the window. Instead, I stumbled across buy one get one half price tables, as well as the sequel to my current read, Master Artificer. At least I had some credit on my Waterstones card…

Coming Up…

I’ll be back with a Top Ten Tuesday post to kick off the new week. This week’s feature is upcoming books on my Summer 2024 TBR. I quite enjoy writing these posts as I get to look ahead at what direction I want my reading to take and get excited about future books… and then making time for them!

Next Friday, I’ll be back with a Shelf Control post feature. I’ll take a look at the next upcoming book on my reading list, share some details with you about it and most importantly, why I’m excited to read it. I hope you can join me for that.

My last post of the week, as always, will be another Sunday Summary update. In that post, I will share the books I’ve read over the course of the week, as well as any I’ve acquired and finally, what’s coming up on the blog.

I hope you can tune into those, but until then, that’s all for me and this Sunday Summary update.

What have you been reading of late?



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