Sunday Summary – 23rd June 2024

It’s the end of yet another week, so I’m back with my next Sunday Summary update to tell you what I’ve been up to this week.

At the beginning of the week I shared a Top Ten Tuesday post. The subject of that post was my Summer 2024 TBR. I quite enjoyed writing these themed posts in 2023, and so I’ve decided to bring them back in 2024! If you want to find out what I plan to read over the next few months, that’s the post to take a sneaky look at…

On Friday, I posted another Shelf Control regular feature. In this week’s post, I featured a Stephen King novel that I’m looking forward to picking up. I want to make my way through his books anyway, but the synopsis of this one particularly caught my eye.

Books Read

Master of Sorrows

In last week’s Sunday Summary update, I shared that I had just started Master of Sorrows by Justin Call. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad I’ve finally picked up this book!

As of today’s Sunday Summary, I am 136 pages, or 30%, into the story so far. What I have read so far has made for an interesting introduction and I’m curious to see where events in the book are going to take us.

You Coach You

Audiobook progress has also been a little slower this week, but also an enjoyable pace. I’ve listened to just over another hour of You Coach You by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis. I’ve just finished chapter 3 and ready to move onto the self-belief chapter.

I like the format that this book is taking so far. The book is well structured and gives plenty of examples and opportunities for readers to coach themselves, and teach themselves how to coach themselves going forward in different circumstances.

I’m looking forward to listening to more of this book in the coming weeks.

Books Discovered

After last week’s deluge of books, I am on a strict buying ban. I haven’t added anything new to my reading list without purchasing them either, so it’s a quiet week!

Coming Up…

My first post of next week is going to be a book review of Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez. I already had some idea of the content covered in this book when I picked it up. But, reading this really made me appreciate how much the world isn’t really designed for women. We’ll go into some of that, and more besides in my review in the next few days.

Later this week, I’ll be back with another regular Friday feature. This time, it’ll be the turn of First Lines Friday. Once again, I’m going to keep the post unthemed and not set myself any kind of challenge towards this week’s selection. I hope you enjoy it when that post goes live!

Hardly surprising I know, but my last post of the week will be my Sunday Summary weekly update.

That’s all from me in this week’s instalment though! What are you reading right now?



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